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Our upholstery services are second to none and do not compare with any other business around.

Furnishings get heavy use and show soil and dirt quickly. Keeping upholstered furniture clean will prolong the life of the fabric and furniture.

Here is a leather couch which we cleaned and took pictures of during cleaning and after cleaning and the couch is now looking almost brand new and shows the difference our services can make to restoring your upholstery to almost near perfect condition. Also look at this white leather couch where we only cleaned the right side as you can see our services on your upholstery can make a massive difference.

Our upholstery cleaning service ensures the removal of soiling whilst never risking damage to your upholstered furniture. We can often successfully clean upholstery fabric that other companies would decline to attempt.

Most homeowners and businesses wait too long to clean their upholstery! Whether they are afraid of the cleaning of their delicate furnishings or the cost of the service, they allow stains to remain untreated and soil unremoved for years, until it may be too late. However at Chemo Clean we offer affordable prices as well as taking extreme care with any job.

These images give a great representation of the work we are capable of and the cleaning techniques that we utilize here Chemo Clean to bring your upholstery back to their former glory, this old chair which has been heavily soiled but now has a much better look after a quick professional cleaning.

Our short video below is the cleaning of a velour fabric suite a few weeks ago. Have a quick look and think of what we could do for you with our fast drying safe cleaning.

All of our upholstery cleaning is carried out by our fully trained operators who take a pride in producing the best results possible while taking the utmost care with your valuable furnishings.

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Need your 3 piece suite cleaning? Have a settee that could do with sprucing up? We provide affordable upholstery cleaning services throughout Glasgow & surrounding areas . We cover a wide amount of Scotland across most areas including Glasgow, Paisley Renfrew, Dumbarton, Helensborough, Port Glasgow, Greenock and as far west as Largs and Ardrossan as well as many rural areas in between just call us today to hear about our great offers.